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Hi all, I have a 2002 Impreza with 110,000kms (about 70,000 miles). I have just noticed an intermittend whine coming from (I think) the left front of the car. When I first noticed it it seemed to be when the suspension was working so thought it might have been a problem there, but now I'm not so sure. In investigating it I have found the following - only happens above 80km / 50 miles an hour, I can make it start and stop with the steering wheel - it is most noticeable when the steering wheel is turned fractionally to the left - almost as if I am just holding the wheel as close to straight as possible without being straight (hope that makes sense). Finally it does seem to be more pronounced when the suspension is working.

It is very annoying, but is one of those things that I imagine taking to a shop to be told they couldn't find anything wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


April 17, 2006.

I experimented with a few more things and I think I'm starting to nail it down, but would really appreciate some help. The car doesn't pull to one side, and the noise doesn't happen when braking so I am fairly sure the brakes aren't rubbing anywhere.

It occurred at low speeds today and seemed more of a pulsing squeak than a whistle or whine, which makes me think that it is in the drive line somewhere - cv joint, wheel bearing?

However it has only ever occurred after the car is warmed up which might suggest water pump or a belt?

Also, it is still intermittent, sometimes it doesn't happen at all, no matter what I do, next minute I'll go over a bump and it will do it, or I'll turn the wheel slightly to the left and it's back.

This is getting frustrating : cry:

Apr 18, 2006.
You should check to make sure your transmission/diff fluids are up first. Then check to make sure the cv boots aren't damaged. It sounds like a wheel bearing problem.

It could also be gear whine, which is caused by damaged gears that make noise when they mesh together. Gear damage in your diffs could be caused by running your car with low fluid levels.

When it happen, if you shift down and maintain the same speed, does the whine sound change pitch?

Jun 9, 2006.