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I have a 1993 chev lumina Z34. 220,000 klm. I just finished replacing the rear rotors, pads and calipers. I also serviced the front calapers, replaced the rotors and pads. The lines have been blead. I have tested the brake booster and everything seems to be fine with it. My problem is that when I apply the brake at a high speed or low speed the brakes will only slow the car to a stop. They will not grab the way that brakes should. What do you think the problem and cure is for this. Also, the ABS is not working. Thank you in advance for your help. Mike
August 22, 2006.

Just a quick question did you clean the surfaces of the rotors with some type of solvent to remove the oils and such that come on new rotors?

Aug 24, 2006.
Hi, thanks for youy reply. Yes I did clean all the rotors with brake cleaner in a can. The car has been at a local garage for the last 4 days. They have checked everything " twice" and still can't figure out what the issue is. They found an ABS fuse blown and replaced it so now the ABSlight on the dash is out. I would assume now that the ABS is active again but the brakes are still not stopping the car the way it should. The brake pedel is high (normal)l

Aug 25, 2006.