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Hi guys. I have a question about my 87 prelude. Upon startup (only when cold) the vehicle smokes for about 15 seconds (appears to be blue smoke). Then it stops smoking and starts idleing erradically from 3000 rpm to like 2500 rpm and gets less and less until warm. I've had the valve stem seals replaced as well as the oxygen sensor. Any idea what the problems could be? Also the lude has an oil leak coming out the cam and crank seals. Could replacing thease seals stop the smoke? I know it's old but it runs so well when warm it's worth fixing to me thanks.
May 6, 2007.

Well you would have the best idea about how much oil might be used by the car. How much oil do you have to add?

The erratic idle or surging. Start by checking the coolant level and bleeding the air from it. The IACV Idle Air Control Valve could be taken off and cleaning.

Bruce Hunt
May 7, 2007.
The blue smoke you see is definatly oil burning. You said the valve seals were replaced right. Are you sure it was the valve seals? How many miles since then. Was the head off the car when the seals were replaced. If not and all it was, was the seals replaced and nothing else checked then you probally have some worn valve guides. That will cause the same leak a bad seal would. Need head pulled and taken to a machine shop to rebuild.

May 7, 2007.