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Hi I have a 3.0 GTV 24valve 2001 Right hand drive. I have a tapping noise coming from the front bank of cylinders. I have been advised that it could be a sticking hydraulic tappet. I have run the car with 2 pint's of atf fluid for 700 miles but the tap is still going on. The car has done 39,000 miles and has full service history, the timing belt and water pump were changed at 36,500 miles. The car has been serviced every year on the same date so I know the cam belt has never broken. Any advice?
Secondly, the heater fan fuse is blowing instantly, I have disconnected the heater fan and the switch but it still blows. Any idea's were the short may be?
Many Thanks
Martin Gee
Martin Gee
April 23, 2007.

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