2002 Acura RSX

Air Conditioning problem
2002 Acura RSX 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 110000 miles

About 4 weeks ago my A/C stopped working suddenly. I have a Helms shop manual for my car, so I followed the troubleshooting procedure. The A/C clutch was not engaging. I traced it to a bad coil (no continuity measured by an ohmmeter).

The compressor had 168,000 miles on it, and it wasn't possible to remove the pulley / clutch without removing the entire compressor, so I just replaced the whole thing. I had the system recovered at a local shop, then installed the new compressor and new dryer myself. The new coil measured 3.2 ohms. I took it back to the same shop to have the system vacuumed and recharged. They reported no leaks, and everything seemed to be working great.

It's now 1 week later, and the clutch won't engage again. I tested the coil again, and it now show (0 ohms). The fuses not blow everything work fine Fans, Blowers, relays but my car damage 2 coils. When I leplace it the A/C coil works fine for 1 wheek them bad coil.

Looking for input from the experts:

August 18, 2010.

There is nothing your car can do to cause an open circuit in a clutch coil. I would look carefully for any damaged plugs but other than that, I would say your just getting substandard parts. Cheaper is not always better. There's a lot of junk being sold out there.

Aug 18, 2010.
I buy a originals oem honda parts (coil) and all the plugs are fine. I not satisfied with your answer.

Aug 18, 2010.
I'm sorry if your not satisfied with my answer but I donate my time here for free and don't guarantee to tell you what you want to hear.
Maybe someone else will.

Aug 18, 2010.