1993 Acura Legend

1993 Acura Legend 6 cyl Automatic

I had a few problems: the first problem is tht my abs light is on. The second problem is when I come to a stop my brake pedal pushes my foot bck out and then goes bck down and it keeps doin it. The third problem is whn I cut the car off the brakes lights still stays on until I press the pedal a few times will really like some help with these problems
February 15, 2010.

Hi 5hlw,

1, You need to retrieve the trouble codes to understand what is causing the ABS light to stay on.

Bridge the SCs and turn ignition ON. Count the blnking of the ABS light and let me know the counts.

2. Check the wheel bearings.
Check the CV shaft central nut torque.
Check the rotors. Any warpage can cause the brake pedal to move up and down.

3. Check the brake switch stopper located on pedal at brake switch. It could be worn or distegrating.

Feb 18, 2010.