Acura Integra

I have a 96 integra, has the stock ls/ non vtecbottom end but has a 98 gsr/ vtec head. It has drove ok for a while and then it started to knock the last 2 times when I first stated it up, it would only last for a second then it would be fine, well I was drivimg normal at about 50mph lastnight and I felt the motor lag a little and I look down at the gauges and the oil and batery light come on. As soon as I see that I shut it off and coast, when I come to a stop the oil is fine, I tried to start it up but it will try and turn over but not fire, what should I do?
August 13, 2007.

Let's see if we can get the car started first and then deal with the knock. Check the car for spark at the plugs. Then if you have spark check for gas being sprayed from the injectors.

Bruce Hunt
Aug 13, 2007.