1994 Acura Integra

Air Conditioning problem
1994 Acura Integra 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

ok, I have a problem with my ac,

no power going to the compressor or the ac condenser fan. Both relays are not closing.I check the compressor and the fan directly to the battery and works.I replaced the ac pressure switch, recharge the system and nothing.I check all fuses, replace the 2 realys, new dryer, new compressor. The inside ac on/off switch light works, but I dont know if works properly.

why im not getting juice to the compressor and the ac conderser fan?
July 10, 2008.

Hi sosa66,

If the compressor relay is not activated, the condenser fan and relay will not work.

Are there any power supply to the relays? There should be 2 powered terminals. 1 gets its power from underhood fuse box while the other is from under dash via ignition switch.

Since the AC switch is working, I would suspect the under hood fuse is blown or its wire to the relays have an open circuit.

Jul 11, 2008.
Conpressor dont work, conderser fan dont work( only when radiator fan engages). The 2 relays are not closing. There a BLUE/RED wire that is in the ac switch, ac thermostat, in the diodo, in the ecu, nd the ac pressure switch.

Al fuses are good.
Ac compressor works( with the battery ).
Inside ac switch(yellow light work). On/off.

I need help

Nov 6, 2008.