1992 Acura Integra

I have a 1992 integra with a b18b engine that I bought used. I have been having numerous problems ever since I bought and it has been giving me a big headache.
the problem is the car idles normally around just under 1k, but randomly it will go lower than like 500 almost to the point where the engine has a chance of shutting off. This kind of scares me. Another issue I see is when im driving and switching gears sometimes the acceleration feels very weak and it takes a while for the engine to kick in, but I seem to notice it mainly on the 2nd gear.
Please help me!
August 23, 2007.

You might try touching the idle screw on the throttle body to set it so the bottom idle won't drop below the 750 rpm mark. See if that helps.

Bruce Hunt
Aug 29, 2007.