1991 Acura Integra

Electrical problem
1991 Acura Integra Front Wheel Drive Manual 135000 miles

The chime when the headlight is on and the door is open used to work but stopped working a few months back. The rear defoogger continued to work for a few months occassionally and has stopped working. (Even after the switch is pressed no LED light turns on). The wipers dont work in the intermittent option. What could be causing this? Fuses or an ECU?
December 17, 2008.

Hi arvthiru,

You have 3 sepatrate problems
1. Chime not working. check if the driver door switch is woriking.

2. Rear defroster. It ius either a blown fuse or bad heater switch. Check fuse #2 underhood.

3. Wiper intermittent speed not functioning. Faulty intermittent wiper relay.

Dec 18, 2008.
Thank you KHlow. I checked the fuse boxes and the fuses are fine. So I think the problem with the rear defogger is the switch then and will check it out.

As for the chime, I am not sure what you meant by the dorr switch. The chime used to go off when the head lights were left on and the ignition was switched off. I may have miscommunicated this previously.

I will also check out the relay for the intermittent wiper.

Thank you for your response. Hope you can provide some insight with the chime.

Dec 18, 2008.
Hi arvthiru,

When the driver door is deem closed, the chime would not work. Open the driver door and see if the interior dome light works.

Another possibility is a faulty key-in switch at the steering lock.

Dec 19, 2008.