1993 Toyota Corolla • 93,000 miles

I bout this toyota with a JDM 20valve silvertop swap OBD1 now the problem im having is hotriable acceleration smells badly like fuel isnt being burnt properly and sometimes sooooometimes it pops threw the intake wen u hit it real hard but thats sooometimes not always also another thing wen I keep the accelerator at one place lets say rev it up to 3000 rpm the motor has a hard time staying at that amount of rpm its starts acting up like wen u pull a spark plug outta a normal idleing motor wat can be going on the motor has its computer all its sensors and has a walbro 255 fuel pump cuz the stock one cant feed the injectors thanks for your help guys ill appriciate it this car has me going crazy
Andrew rivera
May 15, 2013.

Scan for codes and check BASIC ignition like cap wires, etc. Then compression

May 16, 2013.