2012 Chevrolet Suburban • 30,000 miles

1. No matter what program you set the AUTO DOOR LOCK it will surprise you and lock you out. Is there anyway to bypass this feature and lock it by remote only.

2. Gas pedal does not react immediately, dealer says this is a fuel saving process. It is dangerous pulling out in traffic or changing lanes, somebody will get hurt with this GM screw up. Can anything be done about this? I understand that the new models will have the same.
April 7, 2013.

There are no tsb's on this you might try cleaning your throttle plate on both sides with choke cleaner as well as the iac hole. Also there is a newer brand of fuel out called top tier. It has more detergents in it you might try a tankful and see if that helps. it should say it on the gas can go to to find out the stations in your area that handle it. I'm sure it will cost more but a few cents here may help.

Apr 7, 2013.
As far as auto door lock that will have to be scanned to see if anything is wrong with sender there is a tsb about door locks hanging up causing your problem it's number is 12-08-64-001 as your truck is still under warranty this should be at least be checked on all doors.

Apr 7, 2013.