2011 Subaru Forester • 22,000 miles

About a month ago I purchased a 2011 certified preowned Subaru Forester from my local dealer with 18K miles on it. I may have noticed some engine noise but didn't think anything of it and this week got my 1st oil change at 22k miles Mobil 1 0-20 synthetic oil from a local retail chain. I called the dealer ahead of time and they said that would be fine. I thought I heard a new "tapping" sound and brought it to my dealer. They also heard some "engine noise" they couldn't diagnose and told me the engine had to come out and they gave me a loaner. Have you been hearing about some issues with 2011 Forester engines too? My dealer does not think it is related to the oil change or Mobil 1.

Thanks for whatever you can share,

March 22, 2013.

John: Honestly, that isn't a common problem. I feel confident that having the oil changed had nothing to do with it. You put the best oil you can get in it. It is hard to tell what is causing the noise without hearing it. Did they tell you anything as far as what may be wrong? Was the noise a ticking or more of a knocking sound?