2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 28,000 miles

Dear, my 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo (VIS 1J4RR4GG9BC709626) has an intermittent starting problem. It is not always, but happened 4 times in the last 30 days. Basically, it doesn´t start at the first try, it cranks and cranks but doesn't start. Then I just press the start button (switching off and on ) without pressing the brake pedal. After that, I press the brake pedal and the start button and the car starts right up normally. It looks like the car is out of gasoline, but for sure it isn´t. I took the car to a Jeep Garage and they said I must change an engine module (part # is 05150656AA) that cost around USD 2.5 k here in Brazil. Too expensive! However, it sounds they don´t know what is actually the reason of the problem and just want to sell me an expensive part to make money. I would appreciate if you could help me? Thank you very much!
October 16, 2013.

When it doesn't start, have you been able to check fuel pump pressure and for spark to the engine?

No I don t how to do it.

Oct 16, 2013.
Go to our homepage under the DIY section and you will find both directions and videos showing you how to do it. Let me know what you find.