2011 Dodge Ram • 12,500 miles


I got a dodge ram 1500 2011,
When I use 4wd mode,whenever I got stuck in sand or while driving in heavy sand. A strange sound comes out In 2wd drive mode this sound does not come out, but it does come in 4wd lock & 4wd low even if the traction control is off ( ESP), it's definitely a brake sound trying to stop the wheel form spinning.

I tried to remove the abs ESP valve fuse 30 amb but, 4wd mode won't work and the dashboard lights comes out saying you have to do service for your transfer (4wd services)

I turn the ESP button off by holding it for 5 second, but nothing happens, the traction comes on by its owns making it harder for me to cross sandy trains.

Watch this Video

I need to know how to get raid of this issue and find a way to turn the traction control completely off.
Any suggestion
October 16, 2012.

Take it to the dealer. This should be covered under their powertrain coverage. We cant hear the noise so it makes a little hard. Gl

Oct 16, 2012.