2010 Proton Satria Neo

How to adjust clutch cable for satria neo?
December 11, 2010.

At the wheel house where the cable comes out from cabin, pull lightly at the cable and turn clockwise to increase pedal pressure height or loosen to lower pedal pressure height.

Are you sure it is equipped with clutch cable? Most Proton vehicles have been replaced with hydraulic clutches instead of cable.

Dec 11, 2010.
I'm not too sure, but I think is a hydraulic clutch because I can't find the cable. If it is a hydraulic clutch, how can I adjust it?

Dec 12, 2010.
Hydraulic clutches do not require adjustments and if the height is too high, most likely the disc is wearing thin.

To get the correct pressure height, adjustments are made at pedal.
If pedal height is too high.
Loosen the master cylinder push rod lock nut, turn the rod anticlockwise, looking at it from pedal side.
Disconnect clutch pedal switch wire.
Loosen switch lock nut.
Turn switch in until desired height is achieved.

NOTE : Very little pressure is required to push the master cylinder so you must be careful when performing this.

Adjust the pushrod by turning in or out until slight resistance is felt and push rod does not have any free travel sideways.
Turn pushrod anticlockwise 1/2 turn to get the required push rod clearance and ensure the push rod has a little clearance. Tighten lock nut.
Tighten switch lock nut and test clutch pressure and height.
Reconnect wire harness

NOTE : Improper adjustment of the push rod can result in insufficient clearance causing premature clutch failure.

Dec 12, 2010.