2010 Lincoln Other • 2,100 miles

I need to take the grill off to repair/paint it but I can't figure out how. I can see one clip in the center of the car behind the lincoln emblem, but I can't get to it to un-clip it their, and I can't locate any other fastening points. Help!
September 6, 2011.

Did you check under the hood? If there is a plastic covering, remove it to see if there are mounts there.

Yes, I started under the hood. There are 2 screws and 4 plastic rivets that attach what I'll call the radiator shield. I removed those which loosened that piece but don't allow it to be removed.

Next, I was able to unclip 4 clips where the painted body piece that is in between the left and right grill (the piece where the Lincoln emblem is, it is a part of the front bumper) attachs to what I believe to be that same black radiator shield.

When I got those un-clipped, I could pull that part of the body back a little and see a clip where the grill also clips into that black radiator shield piece, but I can't reach that clip to pop it free. It seems that more may have to come off first. I'm trying to figure out a) what all has to come off b) in what order and c) where the attach points are for the pieces that I have to remove.

Sep 6, 2011.