2010 Jeep Compass • 51,000 miles

I had to brake hard doing 60 MPH for a stoplight. When I was at about 15 - 20 MPH I heard something similar to a jake break sound. After that during excelleration the RPM surges from 500 to 1500 RPM above where the RPM is currently at then back down to normal. The MPH still goes up but can feel the surge and see the surge on RPM guage. When you get to highway speed and put on the cruise control you cannot feel the surge but every once in a while you can see the RPM surge just a little bit. This is a new car to me and don't know if this is a common problem or not. Also don't know what may have happened during that hard braking. Any advise is greatly appreciated. John
November 20, 2012.

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