2010 Hyundai Elantra • 4,700 miles

About 2 weeks ago I used a drive through car wash that didn't dry the car. Well, it left some hard water spots in certain areas (such as on the rubber stripes underneath my window on the outside.) I know that these will come out because I can take them out by rubbing with my finger. However, this is not a good method to take out all of the spots. Since the spots appeared the car has been rained on and I went through another drive through wash that dried the car this time. What is the best way to remove the spots? Wax? Compound? Or something else?
December 23, 2012.

Do not use a compound. Todays cars have a clear coat that will scratch and will never come out.

There are cleaners that contain just enough compound to remove surface scratches and not harm the clear coat. Any parts store would carry these products.


Dec 23, 2012.
However we are speaking about hard water stains and not scratches. Is there any product or type of product that you would suggest for that?

Dec 23, 2012.
Weatherstrips and rubberised linings etc would deteriorate over time as the coating hardens and this would leave the surface psckmarked in time even if you don't go to a car wash as stains would collect whenever it rains and dirt accumulates.

There are restorers available for such components and would leave a coating on to keep dirt and grime away at the same time keeping a new look. Look for tires and lining restorers.

Dec 23, 2012.