2010 Ford Focus • 6 cylinder • 10,160 miles

Under normal operation of the car, when you turn the car to on, before the dashboard readings (MPH, RPM, Car temp, etc) take normal readings they run a cycle in which they go to their highest points and then settle back to correct readings. This is normal. I recently saw that all of the devices do this but the MPH doesn't go all the way up to the top (125 MPH) before settling back down to zero. While the other sensors run normal and go to their highest readings when the car is first turned on, the MPH goes high (maybe 120MPH but not 125 MPH.) So the Miles Per Hour gague is not acting exactly like the other dashboard gagues when first turned on. Is this an issue? The car is running fine. Can this wait until the next oil change to be checked? I have not noticed if that is how the MPH always acted or if this is a new development. However, as stated, the car runs just fine. This in fact may be normal or it may have been acting like this for some time now. Is this any issue or nothing to worry about?
March 11, 2012.

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Mar 11, 2012.