2009 Toyota Corolla • 40,000 miles

While driving battery light came on car slowed down and my son pulled on aide of road. Battery tested fine. Seems like an alternator issue which may be covered on extended warranty. Curious if ya'll know if keyless entry is connected to alternator because Toyota dealer shop installed keyless twelve days prior. Just curious because if its not a warranty issue it will cost tons of money to tow when if its a loose belt I can maybe ask a local mechanic to check it out. I totally understand there is no way of knowing unless its checked out but just curious if installing the keyless entry (not remote start just entry) could have done something. Thank ya'll in advance!
June 4, 2013.

I highly doubt the keyless entry caused the alternator to not charge. You could always check the tenisoin of the belts yourself

Jun 4, 2013.