2009 Honda Accord • 21,000 miles

The last time I did an oil change was in November 2011. After which I had the car sit idle for 5 months and then I drove it about 500 miles when I came back from my long trip and then again idle for about 3 months with no driving.

Now that I am back for good I am not sure if I really need to do the oil change or not because I checked my oil and it looks like I just had an oil change. So since my last oil change was 9 months ago and the cars only done about 600 miles I am not sure if I really need to get an oil change.

I know there is a popular belief among car owners that you should do an oil change every 3 months irrespective of whether you drive or not. Please advice.
September 10, 2012.

I would change the oil moisture etc builds up in the oil over time. Oil changes are one of the most important maintance items you can do.

Sep 10, 2012.