2009 Honda Accord • 28,500 miles

Hi, After a sevice by Honda my car engine fault light came on and went into limp mode. Switching off the car and back on restored power. The fault code was P00AF. Turbo boost control module 1 performance. Honda garage had a look and said the EVR valve was no good so fitted a new one. Ok for 2 days then fault light reappeared and loss of power(limp mode). Back to Honda who now say the Turbo may be no good. Can this be true. How come its ok for a while and then fault if the turbo is no good. There's no smoke or funny noises.
August 20, 2013.

Our database does not have information for turbo Accords so I do not know what the codes actually defines.

Codes that appear intermittently can be due to a faulty component as after resting, the codes can stay away until a few recurrences.

Aug 22, 2013.