2008 Suzuki XL7

I have a 2008 Suzuki XL7 w/ 48,300 mi. I bought this vehicle used 2 yrs ago w/ only 7,000 mi. My first year my tailgate struts stopped working and my trunk would open but would not stay up. It was during the winter & I wondered if the bitter cold of NY had anything to do with it. My warranty covered it, fixed it, then I was sent on my merry way. This winter, I noticed the trunk was not opening all the way, and made an appt. By the next day I could no longer open the trunk. I brought it to the dealership and because of my mileage I have to pay. So the part(touchpad) was $35 on backorder. My hatch strutts are $199 a piece and I refuse to pay that. Now while I'm waiting on my part I'm wondering if I have to go through this every year & if so can't I use cheaper struts? Isn't this something I can do myself instead of paying their $90 an hr labor fees?
April 27, 2011.

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