2008 Skoda Superb • 35,000 miles

Am from India and own a Skoda Superb 2008 model which is a 2.5 TDi V6 engine(auto transmission).  I hit my car to a stone and I stopped to check the damage. I saw oil leaking of the sump. I decided to park the car to aside since it was blocking the traffic. The car id not move when I put the gear on drive. I immediately called the workshop and they asked me to switch off the engine and cautiond me not to start it again. I had to push the car aside.  

The insurance company claims the damage as consequential as there was no sign of any physical damage to the gear box when it is opened.

A few experienced mechanics said that the crack in oil sump could damage the transmission immediately. So I would like to seek your expert opinion on the possibility of transmission failures in such cases. Awaiting your reply at the earliest.


Pramod Reddy
January 25, 2013.

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