2008 Renault Other

This is actually not a car repair question, but rather the specs for a cigarette lighter/charger in a car. If you wanted to connect a device via a car charger plug, is it possible to directly connect to the car battery (disconnected from a vehicle) via crocodile clips? In other words is the cigarette lighter of a car directly connected to the battery, or is there some current regulation circuitry between? Someone in a remote area want to charge a li-ion battery directly from a car battery (not installed in a vehicle) and I wondered if providing him with the normal car charger and an adapter with crocodile clips to connect directly to it. Would this work? From checking online I have seen that the battery current fluctuates quite dramatically, although I suspect this is when a vehicle is running and the alternator is in action. I know this is probably not the kind of question this forum is for but any info you could give would be appreciated
November 20, 2012.

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