2008 Kia Spectra • 58,899 miles

The other morning went out to start the car. It didn't start. When I turned the key, clicking noise, but I could turn on my car lights, etc. So, I got a friend to help me jump the car. It started up. Took jumper cables with me to work, that night, car dead again. Took to garage and they said the battery was okay, alternator okay and starter okay. Guess what? I don't believe it. We took to Kia Dealer. I believe it is the alternator. Can you tell me if I am right or wrong or what you think it might be?
October 31, 2012.

Cou; d be the voltage regulator in your altenator or you could have a ground to short causing your battery to drain find your radio fuse pull it out first some have a memory take your positive cable off and hook your test light to the battery and the cable if light is present you have short to ground start pulling fuses till light goes off thats where your short is draing battery

Brien p
Oct 31, 2012.
There is a fusible link in enginebay probably not it but it's in the junction block check that to make sure. There is also a fusible link for the alternator in junction block it's 120 amp, if it burnt up it will cause both problems, likenot charging etc. Make sure to clean the battery cables though as well. Check those first.

Oct 31, 2012.