2008 Kia Sedona • 45,000 miles

My 2008 Kia Sedona TS has developed the following electrical faults:
• Central locking mechanism continually activating and deactivating while driving
• Central locking does not operate (including the petrol cap) using the key-fob
• Driver side window opens partially when car parked
• Headlights flash while driving
• Hand break light flashes while driving
• Electronic door mirrors do not open
• Passenger and rear electric windows do not operate from main driver door switches
• Alarm sounds intermittently.

The key issue is that all of the above only occurs when the car is exposed to direct sunlight.

The following replacement parts\work have been completed:
• New rear and front ECUs
• Passenger door locking mechanism
• Additionally the wiring looms have been inspected and a cable was found to be making contact with the bodywork of the car.

None of the above fixed the problem : -(
November 20, 2012.

Were all ground circuits checked/retightened?

Alarm sounds intermittently. Do the door ajar lights comes on intermittently while driving?

The key issue is that all of the above only occurs when the car is exposed to direct sunlight. Do you mean all listed components operates normally when it is not exposed to sunlight?

New rear and front ECUs. There are many control modules, do you have the exact description of the parts and where they are located?

Passenger door locking mechanism. Is the the door latch and actuator?

Nov 20, 2012.
After searching the web, I've self diagnosed the issue to the driver door master control unit. I've had the maindealer swap out the unit which has solved the issue.
The faults only happened when the car was left in direct sunlighht. Throughout the winter the car operated normally.

Aug 4, 2013.
Thanks for the input

Aug 5, 2013.