2008 Honda Civic • 37,000 miles

A few months back I started hearing a creaking noise from the front left side of my car when braking. Gradually it got louder and louder. The noise would only happen when I would be braking and coming to a stop. My front brake pads were replaced less than a year ago. I took it to the dealership a few weeks ago and they re-lubricated the brake pads. Once that happened and we test drove it the noise was gone. They told me if it started happening again to bring it back because it may be the rotors or a ball joint I believe is what they told me. However they also said with the car being a 2008 and having just under 37,000 miles they couldn't see why it may be one of those 2 things. I've never been in any accidents or anything with it. Last night I started hearing the noise again slightly and again a little today.
April 3, 2013.

It may be the pads moving in the caliper creating the noise. I suggest having the pads replaced again with good quality pads.


I also recommend telling the mechanic/technician to 'chamfer' the pads - remove the sharp edges. And to make sure the anti-rattle shims are properly replaced.

Apr 4, 2013.