2008 Honda Accord • 55,000 miles

I backed down my neighbor's drive and the front of the car went up a landscape rock and slammed down on the driver side front air dam. The issue is after driving down the road, the black 'air dam' on the driver side and the black plastic liner around the driver side tire fell off along w/a black box that was tucked inside the front bottom driver side corner of the car, just behind and below the headlight.

Can you let me know what that black box was and if I need to replace it and/or the black plastic liner that fell off with it? Thanks just not sure what's what and what to do.
February 5, 2013.

Whatever the parts are, are there for a reason and need to be replaced. They all have functions for various reasons.

I am not sure of the black box you are referring to but I would at least get a bid from a body shop to return to original condition.

Can you post a picture of the damage?