2008 Ford Focus • 130,000 miles

I go to turn the ignition on and my car doesn't want to turn over. I hear ticking in the ignition but nothing more happens afterwards. My car has mentionned something in the dash about my hand break and I see the battery light come on. My break pedal is not soft like usual and the needles in the dashboard kinda tweek after I stop turning the key in the ignition.

I Have plugged the vehicle over night because of -15 temperature and I also tried boosting my vehicle. Still nothing has changed. My car was working perfectly fine before hand and I parked it for two days without using it and all of a sudden no longer starts. I've checked my oil and there is also half a tank of gas in the car. There seems to be a lot of juice in the vehicle from the battery because my alarm set off and it wasn't a weak sound. The lights inside the vehicle and external lights work. However, when I put down my emergency break the lights seem to shut out from everywhere including headlights.

Can someone please help! I'm not convinced it's a big problem but maybe there is something i'm doing wrong or there is something jammed preventing me from starting my vehicle.

December 31, 2012.

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