2008 Ford F-450 • 130,000 miles

When I bought the truck front and rear dome lights worked. Then I replaced my blower motor resistor by taking out the glove box. I really don't think this had anything to do with Ty lights not working. But I was moving wires around and ever since the rear dome lights don't work. They work if u manually push the rocker switch on the light. Any ideas? Is this a common problem? Thanks
October 7, 2012.

Look around under the dash of the work you did to verify that you did not disturb any connector.

I doubt it has anything to do with it.


Ya I did that. I wiggled all the wires as well and still nothing. I'm a Harley tech so I'm mechanically enclined and kno to retrace steps that I have previously done that could have caused the problems. I just wanted to ask about it to see if this problem happens to people and there's a fuse or something that goes bad. But by the looks of it I must have done it when I was installing the blower resistor. Guess ill have to tear the glovebox back out and really go at it

Oct 9, 2012.