2008 Ford F-450 • V8 4WD Automatic •

Hi, I have a ford F450 2008 6.4 diesel. I was having trouble with my truck bucking while driving. The Ford dealer found a round of metal the size of a pea that is tapered on both ends, stuck in a hose that screws on the exhaust back pressure tube. The dealer says its not a Ford product. No warranty. I bought the ford new and they are the only place it has been for service. Help. Do you know where this piece of metal came from. Looks like it is designed to move back and forth to stop air to the turbos.
Thanks Darrell
July 19, 2011.

You can appeal to the zone rep from ford. You will have to be convincing with all your receipts proving that it has never been anywhere else but ford. If you had 1 oil change anywhere else, you are out of luck.


Jul 19, 2011.