2008 Dodge Ram • 70,650 miles

Doge Ram 1500 2wd crew cab. My (brake, ABS, engine) lights stay on and the (speed odometer) stop working. I took it to the dealership and they put a scanner on it and 3 errors came up but with unidetifiable codes. After long searches through different forums, I have replaced the "rear speed sensor" and I replaced the front Hub with speed sensor on it. The lights are still on and the speedo still doesn't work. The battery was disconnected for a 24 hr. Period and I tried the instrument cluster reset and after it went through its diagnostics it said "hr 2205" what ever that means, and I am still having the above problems. I am at my wits end. The dealership wants to keep the truck 4-5 days, which I can't afford as this is my only means of transportation.
November 24, 2012.

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