2008 Dodge Ram • 70,600 miles

My brake light, ABS light, engine lights stay on plus the speed odometer stop working. I’ve replaced the "rear speed sensor module" and I replaced the front “Hub and its speed sensor”. The lights are still on and the speedo still doesn't work. The battery was disconnected for over 24 hrs. And I am still having the above problems. I also did an instrumental reset on the instrument cluster but still no solution. I am at my wits end. I went back through to verify every step was correct. Still no change, so I had a new scan done and this time I received 3 u-codes: u0121 (lost communication w/Drive motor Control Module “A”), u1120 (Lost wheel distance message) and u1110 (Lost communication w/Anti-Lock Brake system control module). These are the definitions of the codes, but I'm still at a loss.
Can anyone help me here
November 28, 2012.

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