2008 Chevrolet Malibu • 69,000 miles

I have water coming from the driver side basically where the plastic by the windshield ends and the headliner begins. It drips onto the seat and door panel. It is also coming in by the emergency break. The driver side rear floor is also which I am assuming is because the water is running back. The rear passenger floor had enough water to scoop out once. Finally we have drip stains on the inside of the windshield I am not sure if that is because the interior is always wet so there is condensation or if the windshield has a leak. I think the only dry side is the front passenger and the trunk. Any ideas what's causing this or where I should begin? Very frustrated no problems when we leased this then we rolled it over into purchase and we have nothing but problems now. Any help would be greatly appreciated
March 13, 2013.

You need to have the windshield sealed as it is leaking all over.


Mar 13, 2013.