2007 Toyota Camry • 2.4L 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 25,000 miles

I installed a set of TRD lowing springs with my original stock shocks, the suspension stiffened up and lowered about 1.25 inch all around but the ride became bouncy on the car. Can you help me
May 29, 2014.

Unfortunately this is one of the symptoms of lowering the vehicle with stiffer springs. There are a few option that may reduce some of the symptoms. Lowering the tire pressure a few pounds or experiment with the tire pressures. Another is adjustable struts allowing spring height adjustment while on the car. There is also struts that allow you adjust the shock absorbing with a knob. These options are expensive but really the only options. Changing tire sizes that have a higher side wall would help also. Refer to a tire size calculator to determine the different size will be close (1-3 %) within the rolling diameter of the original tire sizes.
Thanks for the question

Ty Anderson
May 29, 2014.