2007 Saturn Outlook • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 82,000 miles

Just got a used 2007 outlook with 82000 k had to go see gm for a recall I think some thing about timing sensor or some thing like that they plug it up to a laptop anf told about.5h and the next morning tryed to to start it with my remote and would not start not sure but did not have alot of gas in it so I went in the truck and turnd the key would not start so had to put the pedle down and finally got it whent put gas in since then the truck has a hard time starting when cold first start in morning but no engen light on any idea thanks
March 5, 2011.

Have you checked for codes yet?So its only when starting cold you have to hold your gas pedal all the way to the floor?

Oct 17, 2012.