2007 Porsche Cayman • 6 cylinder 2WD Manual • 11,000 miles

Change cabin filter?
April 9, 2011.

Removing And Installing Particle Filter

Preliminary work

Preliminary work for the particle filter

Remove battery cover.
Remove cover on right for plenum chamber.
Removing particle filter

In conjunction with telephone preparation, loosen the antenna at the two top fastening screws and unscrew the two bottom fastening screws. Remove antenna part.

Open the lock -1- on the filter housing.

Remove the particle filter upwards and to the side -2- out of the housing guide.
Installing particle filter

Insert a new particle filter into the housing guide -2-.
Ensure correct seating and installation position.

Close the lock -1- on the filter housing.
For vehicles with telephone preparation, insert antenna part at the top. Secure the antenna with the four fastening screws.
Subsequent work

Work subsequent to installing particle filter

Install cover on right for plenum chamber.
Install battery cover.

Apr 9, 2011.