2007 Mazda CX7 • 49,467 miles

Vehicle ran flawless then one day going to work the check engine light came on and the vehicle lost all power had gas pedal to floor and only managed 30 mph just enough to get to the dealership they checked it out and the code came up as battery, well confused at this one but ok 200 for test verify and batery called said vehicle done, picked it up after work on way home noticed bad hesitation on acceleration made vehicle jump like bronco, even jumps at 70-80 mph very pissed as this thing ran perfect before battery replacement, I have no codes or check engine lite on any help out there would be greatly appreciated also I replaced the spark plugs to no avail. Thanks in advance also if you find a fix for this I will donate to you
March 10, 2013.

Not there fault. It did not run good before battery was replaced.

What was the code that it had?


Mar 10, 2013.