2007 Kia Sedona • 80,000 miles

Hi All-

I have a 2007 Sedona and now both of my power sliding doors quit working. The first one went out about 6 months ago and now the 2nd. Here's what is happening(identical problem on both doors)-
The overhead buttons and the remote buttons won't work and the door doesn't even beep. If you push the buttons on the sides there will be a loud beeping sound but the door will not open. *IF* the van is running, the doors will open the majority of the time but only by pulling the handles, the buttons still don't work. Once the door is in the open position, you pull the handle slightly and the door will start to close but jerk as if it is caught on something, if you pull the handle and tug the door forward a bit to get it passed where it sticks, it will continue shutting all of the way.

We have only had this car a year and it has been a money pit =( I don't have much more to sink into it. I wasn't too worried about the first door but now that the other is broken, my kids can't get in and out without help because they aren't strong enough.

Can someone please offer some suggestions?

September 24, 2012.

First thing you need to do is to check for trouble codes and this can only be done with proper scan tools capable of Body Control Module communications.

Since the doors are able to move but seems to have the difficulty moving past a cetain mark, it could be the adjustments of the door that is out.

The buttons not working could mean a bad circuit somewhere.

Sep 24, 2012.
Would it be likely for theses things to happen at the same time? Ie: buttons work, door works. Buttons quit working, door only works with van running and gets hung up in open position.

Sep 24, 2012.
Yes, a fault in one electrical control system can cause all of them to occur at the same time.

I have encountered such cases whereby a fault door control unit is the cause. It is the reason I suggested checking for trouble codes.

Sep 24, 2012.