2007 Hyundai Santa Fe • 121,000 miles

Speedometer / odometer on my 3.3L Santa fe ltd stopped working. This happened under warranty 5 years ago, repair tech noted 'found current data, had no reading for speed on BCM, fixed poor connection at pin c270" on work order. Cruise control works perfectly, no error codes, get accurate mph reading on scanner when hooked up and driving, seems to also register miles. Initial symptom before quitting altogether was speedometer needle swinging wildly above and below actual speed. I replaced the speedometer stepper motor, didn't fix problem. I replaced instrument cluster with one from a salvage yard, didn't fix problem. Didn't think that VSS could be problem as dealer indicated buying a new cluster for $600 would be the fix, plus the fact from what I researched, a bad VSS would keep the cruise control from working.
Would anyone care to suggest a solution? Does anyone know where I might find the loose connection at pin C270 previously worked on? I will donate $10 by PayPal to anyone who provides the fix.
January 29, 2013.

Salvage yard cluster is the issue. You cannot swap parts as they need to be learned with a vin number when new. Your used part has a different vin burned into it and will not work.

Otherwise, you have a wiring issue between the bcm and the cluster.

My bet is on the cluster


Jan 29, 2013.
The Hyundai master tech at a local dealer says no, the VIN does not have to be programmed into the cluster for the speedometer to work. There were no error codes when replacement cluster was put in, all other gauges and functions on the cluster worked.
Found on Hyundai's website that the Pin C270 is the connector attached to the VSS, so I will check that out now.

Jan 29, 2013.
How did you make out? Did the tech check this for you? Do you have a signal from the speed sensor?