2007 Hyundai Accent • 20,000 miles

What would cause the steering wheel to shake? It is most noticeable when driving 40 - 45 mph or faster.
A few days ago on the highway, a large bucket fell off the back of a pick-up truck and hit my car on the right front bumper and tire area. I see a scratch where the bucket hit and bounced off; I do not see any other damage to the tire or bumper. Not sure if hitting the bucket caused damage, seems like the steering wheel shake started after this accident.
October 27, 2012.

You need to get the front end checked at once for your safety. This could be many things from tie rods to ball joints that may have been loosened by the bucket. Also, you could have thrown a weight on the tire. The main thing is get this check. Most of the time this check is free.

Oct 27, 2012.