2007 Holden Captiva • 100,000 miles

We have taken our car into Holden to be repaired as when we start it on a cold morning it makes a whirring/clicking noise for approx. 3 seconds. We have picked it up from Holden twice and this is the third time we've taken it back and the mechanics are saying there was sludge in the motor and even this time apparently there was still sludge in the motor even though this is the third time they have had the car in about 2 weeks. Does this sound right or not really? Any help greatly appreciated! Thank you
November 7, 2012.

It may be the starter over running, get that checked out I just don't understand how a dealer cant sort out these problems, you may be better off taking it to a private work shop, they would appreciate your business more so than a dealer ever would.

Nov 7, 2012.