2007 Ford Focus • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 70,000 miles

While turning the steering wheel, there was a loud rubbing/scraping noise under the car, what would make that noise, and does it need to be replaced? 2007 ford focus, has 70000 miles has a loose belt pully and a battery that doesn't have enough juice in it. Also, the car seems to have a little bit of trouble starting.
November 19, 2010.

First, which pulley is lose? If the battery is weak, that could be the cause of the hard start. The noise, on the other hand, could be a few things. Does it do it on both directions? Does the noise only occur when you are making a sharp turn or any turn? Have you checked to make sure nothing is rubbing the tire, wheel, (under the vehicle) and have you checked to make sure the brake calipers are tight? One last thing, check the backing plates behind the rotors to make sure they are not toughing the rotor and causing the noise.

Let me know. PLEASE NOTE: I am assuming the brake pads are in good condition.


Loose belt will cause the power steering to groan when you turn and make the battery fail to charge. So tighten the belt.

Focus Groan
Dec 23, 2010.
Have you been able to check the belt issue? Also, anything on the turning issue?