2007 Ford Focus • 44,000 miles

I have a 2007 ford focus. I've had an ongoing issue with the car when I make a sharper than average turn. Every now and then, the car will make a moaning sound when I turn the car (either way)yand there is a very slight vibration I can feel in the steering column. The power steering fluid has been checked and is at a safe level with no signs of leaking. Eventually the noise subsides and the car is picky about when it wants to make this noise. I had thought that this problem would be difficult for a mechanic to check out if the car is not making the noise at the time of service. Then I noticed today for the first time, when I let off the gas there was another moaning sound. I'm almost wondering if there is something wrong with my wheel bearings or maybe the axel. My check engine light has never gone on and up until recently, I have not had any problems with this car. Can anyone give me an idea of what might be going on? Thanks!

February 28, 2012.

I would have ford check the wheel bearings there have been a lot of issues with these. They had a campaign on this and maybe even a recall. Good luck

Feb 28, 2012.
It is probably the axles. As they fail they make noises around sharp u-turns and it will sound different on and off the gas, but they will start to click in turns when they get worse and the car will vibrate at around 40+ MPH on the gas.
So, you might plan on doing the axles in the near future if it gets worse. It is not to hard to do and axles are around $100 each. Wheel bearing seldom fail and will make the types of noises you talk about. Raise the front of the car off the ground, take the tires off and turn the axles to feel if the bearing grinds or is loose when you turn it.

Thank You to you both! I know the car will have to be taken in, (work presents a problem) but it's great to have an idea of the issue when trying to explain it to a mechanic. I appreciate the responses so thanks again.

Feb 28, 2012.
Your welcome.
I would go with Billymacs advice first. After hearing him say that Ford had an issue with wheel bearings, that kind of re-directs things to them being the most likely suspect.
Good Luck!