2007 Ford F-150 • 180,000 miles

Driving home, all dash (radio, AC, gauges, clock, etc) and pwr windows quit working. Still drove home w/ no problem. Truck ran just fine. What do I look for? Saw no wiring disconnect under hood. Could 1 fuse cause this?

October 20, 2013.

Pick one system, check the applicable fuse. Not only check the fuse, check the fuse circuit for voltage. Some of those systems may use ignition feed/ the fuse circuit goes hot when you turn on the key. If those systems you listed are ignition feed, I'd have to check ignition switch.

Oct 20, 2013.
As far as the radio and power windows, the acc delay relay is a connection. I haven't checked about the gauges.

The acc delay relay is located in the relay box, interior, behind right side kick panel. My info shows the voltage to the relay is hot all the time. Ground for the relay is controlled by the ipc/instrument panel cluster. Relay should be active when you turn on the key.

Can you have applicable codes checked, That might narrow things down? Otherwise I'm a wire chaser, check voltage and ground at the relay mentioned.

Oct 20, 2013.