2007 Dodge Dakota • 6 cylinder 2WD Manual • 65,000 miles

Advise from previous tech that I was over charging the system because I had put two cans in one yesterday and one today. I check it with the hoses before I put the 134 in and hoses were showing low and when the tech told me I had put to much in I had some removed and the gauge is between 45-50 which is what the hose package says it should be but it is still not cooling. The metal pipes where freezing before I put first can in apparently is not now but it is still not cool, it also makes a grinding noise when first cranked up and seems to be coming from compressor, compressor is runningwhere to next?
July 21, 2011.

Have you solved it yet? Might be better to have shop test to find cause of failure to cool.

Oct 21, 2011.
Do you hear the magnetic clutch engage the compressor when you turn the AC On?

Oct 21, 2011.