2007 Dodge Caravan • 90,000 miles

The passenger side airbag light came on in the middle of the dash also appeared on the instrument panel is the airbag sensor or the brains that are located underneath the radio.

One of the five bolts that the lug nuts attached I was told after a new tire was installed the service technician indicated to me that the bolt was stripped six months ago I had a oil change and my car tires rotated at a dealership please help me to indicate to them that they are responsible. This is a very wonderful dealership and I did not want to create a problem how do I handle this situation. Additionally it's a very complicated job please explain as to how they replace the bolt as well as to how much it will cost me
December 12, 2012.

Six months? They wont do anything for you at this point. Just have it replaced and move forward.

We need the code for the air bag to help you.


Dec 12, 2012.