2007 Dodge Caliber • 140 miles

Clutch slave cylinder failure.
I have replacement part.
Disconnected hydraulic line to slave.
Dealership tech told me transmission has to come off.
Having trouble getting tranny off. (Ha ha)
I have most of the housing bolts off.
Tech told me about 2 bolts up there by the starter.
Having trouble w top bolt up by starter.
One has a bracket, and there is another one on the housing.
I hope these are the bolts he's talking about.
There is very little room up there.
What is procedure for removing transmission?
Scratching my head over axle disconnect.
There is rubber coupling mid axle.
Is this where axle can be "split"?

Star dude
November 25, 2011.

Okay. You have me confused. There shouldn'b be rubber in the center of the axle. As far as the trans, it sounds like you are doing the right thing. The axles should be pulled before the trans.

Can you describe procedure for axle removal?

Star dude
Nov 26, 2011.
The axles pull from the wheel out. You need to remove the caliper, rotors, hub, remove ball joint, and the axle pulls out from there. Not a 2 minute job.